corneal refractive therapy article
Corneal Molding or Ortho-K

Corneal refractive therapy (CRT) treatment program, this program is designed to reduce and/or eliminate your dependency on eyeglasses or contact lenses during the day by reducing or eliminating your myopia (nearsightedness) by wearing a hard contact lens at night while you sleep. 

Paragon CRT therapeutic lenses will gently and non-surgically reshape your corneas as you sleep.


You will have numerous visits as we check to see how the eye is responding and how long the vision is staying stable. Alterations to the contact lenses are common during the first month.   Typically, we expect to see 90% of the vision changes within the first week of treatment and full correction within two weeks.  Depending on your prescription, it may require a longer period of time to complete the process.

Thereafter, the lenses will have to be worn nightly to maintain treatment vision. If you stop wearing the lenses, the prescription will go back,  likely close to your pre-treatment prescription.


Before you can start treatment with CRT lenses, you must have a comprehensive eye exam or copy of your most recent eye exam that is within 60 days of your visit.  THE COST OF THE EXAM IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE CRT PROFESSIONAL FEES. 

The fee for CRT includes all professional services and all Paragon CRT therapeutic lenses that is required to complete the treatment, for a period not to exceed 1 year. 

The total fee for our services related to your CRT treatment, including the treatment lenses prescribed is:  $1399

Replacement lenses purchased within 90 days up to $150 per lens
Replacement lenses purchased after 90 days up to $250 per lens